Input: 12 Widersprüche zum Schöpfungsbericht bei Annahme einer theistischen Evolution

Wayne Grudem zählt 12 Argumente auf, die unter Annahme einer theistischen Evolution mit dem biblischen Text in Einklang gebracht werden müssten:

  1. Adam and Eve were not the first human beings, and perhaps Adam and Eve never even existed.

  2. Adam and Eve were born from human parents.

  3. God didn't act directly or specially to create Adam out of dust from the ground.

  4. God didn't act directly to create Eve from a rib taken from Adam's side.

  5. Adam and Eve were never sinless human beings.

  6. Adam and Eve did not commit the first human sins because human beings were doing morally evil things long before Adam and Eve existed.

  7. Human death did not begin as a result of Adam's sin because human beings existed long before Adam and Eve and they were always subject to death.

  8. Not all human beings have descended from Adam and Eve for there were thousands of other human beings on the earth at the time that God chose two of them and called them Adam and Eve.

  9. God did not directly act in the natural world to create different kinds of fish, birds, and land animals.

  10. God did not rest from his work of creation or stop any special creative activity after plants, animals, and human beings appeared on the earth.

  11. God never created an originally very good natural world—a safe environment, free of thorns, thistles, and other harmful things.

  12. After Adam and Eve sinned, God did not place any curse on the world that changed the workings of the natural world, making it more hostile to mankind.

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