Schuf Gott durch Evolution? Warum die Frage nicht nebensächlich ist.

Der bekannte Theologe R. C. Sproul nimmt Stellung zur Frage der Schöpfung. Im letzten Jahr ist die Diskussion in den USA heftig entbrannt. Sproul sagt (hier):

There are two spheres of revelation; the Bible (special revelation) and nature (general revelation). In the latter, God manifests himself through the created order. What God reveals in nature can never contradict what he reveals in Scripture, and what he reveals in Scripture can never contradict what he reveals in nature. He is the author of both forms of revelation, and God does not contradict himself.

The church has always taken the position that all truth meets at the top, and that science should never contradict Scripture. Scientific discoveries, however, can correct the theologian’s faulty understanding of Scripture, just as biblical revelation can correct faulty speculations drawn from the natural order. When the scientific consensus on a particular point is on a collision course with the unmistakable teaching of Scripture, I trust Scripture before I trust the speculations and inferences of scientists. That is consistent with the history of the church and Christianity. We believe that sacred Scripture is nothing less than the Creator’s truth revealed.

Sproul behandelt im Aufsatz die vier wichtigsten Ansätze: Lückentheorie, Tag-/Zeitaltertheorie, Framework-Hypothese und Sechs-Tage-Schöpfung.

Ein engagierter Verfechter der Sechs-Tage-Schöpfung ist Albert Mohler. Sein Kernargument (zu seinen Aufsätzen geht es hier) ist das der Weltanschauung und der Vorannahmen, die getroffen werden:

I accept without hesitation the fact that the world indeed looks old. Armed with naturalistic assumptions, I would almost assuredly come to the same conclusions as BioLogos and the evolutionary establishment, or I would at least find evolutionary arguments credible. But the most basic issue is, and has always been, that of worldview and basic presuppositions. The entire intellectual enterprise of evolution is based on naturalistic assumptions, and I do not share those presuppositions.

Dazu passend: Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

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