Was die Neurowissenschaften nicht erklären können

Die grandiosen Entdeckungen der Neurowissenschaften haben dem Materialismus Auftrieb gegeben:

The discovery of brain imaging techniques has given rise to the belief that we can look at people’s thoughts and feelings, and see how “information” is “processed” in the head. The brain is seen as a computer, “hardwired” by evolution to deal with the long vanished problems of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, and operating in ways that are more transparent to the person with the scanner than to the person being scanned.

Sollen nun alle (Human-)Wissenschaften unter die Vorherrschaft der Neurwissenschaften gestellt werden? Nein.

Brain imaging won’t help you to analyse Bach’s Art of Fugue or to interpret King Lear any more than it will unravel the concept of legal responsibility or deliver a proof of Goldbach’s conjecture; it won’t help you to understand the concept of God or to evaluate the proofs for His existence, nor will it show you why justice is a virtue and cowardice a vice. And it cannot fail to encourage the superstition which says that I am not a whole human being with mental and physical powers, but merely a brain in a box.

Hier geht es zum Aufsatz.