Zitat: Die zentrale Irrlehre unserer Zeit

In einer Paneldiskussion spricht Doug Wilson von der zentralen Irrlehre unserer Zeit und weshalb C. S. Lewis einen wohltuenden Kontrast darstellt:

… if you look at the twentieth century and ask what the central error was, what’s the central heresy of our time? I think that relativism, subjectivism, me-ism is the central error of our time. And Lewis didn’t give an inch when it came to that sort of thing. He was virtually the only one standing in the gap, fighting that particular battle. And I’ll take it. I love that man because he’s contra mundum. He’s against the world. At a particular time when all of the world is going one way, he’s not going there. The places where I think I disagree with him, I’m reassured because—going back to the doctrine of Scripture—he doesn’t say something like, “There are mistakes in Scripture because there are miracles, and, of course, miracles don’t happen.” His reasoning is completely in another direction—I think wrong, but he’s not being blown by the spirit of the age. He called himself “an old Western man,” a dinosaur. And that’s what we needed at that point in time.

John Piper. David Mathis. (Ed.) The Rational Romanticist. God, Life, and Imagination in the Work of C. S. Lewis. Wheaton: Crossway, 2014. (159)