Zitat der Woche: Eine Welt, in der alles am Fliessen ist

The post-Christian mental world is not a world of structures but a world of fluidity. What issues from the mind bereft of divine affiliation is passing opinion, transient feeling, today’s or tomorrow’s capricious preference. The universal language of reason and morality gives place to a wholly relativistic vocabulary of emotive predilections. The standard articulation of moral judgments in terms of virtues and vices gives place to a strange amalgam of subjectivist concepts, such as self-esteem and self-realization. We are always hearing that someone has found himself or herself, gotten to know himself or herself, learned to live with himself or herself. On all sides people are prating about discovering their ‘identity’, as though one could help having one.

Harry Blamires. The post-Christian Mind. Exposing its Destructive Agenda. Servant Publications: Ann Arbor, 1999. (18)