Standpunkt: Fünf Interpretationen von Nietzsche

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Peter Kreeft listet in seiner Einführung zu Nietzsche fünf Arten der Rezeption auf, nachdem er klargestellt hat: «(I)t is just about impossible to take a neutral, impersonal, observer’s attitude toward Nietzsche.»

  • The “gentle Nietzscheans” want to tame him and welcome him to the mainstream of Western thought.
  • The “screaming Nietzscheans” are mainly teenage rebels,
  • (T)he Deconstructionists, who play the Sophists’ clever little games of applying the pins of “the hermeneutic of suspicion”
  • The “Nietzsche is nuts” people take Nietzsche seriously and literally, especially his immoralism and his claim to be “Antichrist.”
  • (The fifth group sees him as) prophetic “culture hero” whose example, both in word and in life, is a valuable warning to our entire culture

Ich schliesse ich mich der Position (5) an; die vierte ist mir wohlbekannt. Ich denke jedoch, dass jene Lesart zu plump ist. 

Peter Kreeft. Socrates’ Children: Contemporary: The 100 Greatest Philosophers. Vol 4. St. Augustines Press, 2019. Pos. 895 ff.